Icebreaker Landing Page Template

03/04/2020by Zesno0

Create a landing page where you will promote a lead magnet that opens the way to further upsell of your products to leads. Collect as many contacts as possible at the lowest cost!


landing page


landing page

Tactic steps:

1. Icebreaker Presentation [Header]

A graphic should appear here, showing the product (e-book, infographic, etc.) that you want to give to users; it is also a place to put a catchy slogan and a short description that will arouse curiosity, announce benefits and will contain useful information for the recipient.

2. Contact Form [Contact]

Place the contact form at the top of the page so that the user can quickly and conveniently enter their data and download free material.

3. Benefits [Cards]

Indicate the benefits that the user will receive by downloading your product.

4. Last Call [CTA Sections]

Repeat CTAs that redirect material downloads.

Landing Page is a really productive marketing tool to approach potential customers. We hope that this icebreaker landing page template is going to help you to “break the ice” with new clients.

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