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Zesno simplifies the lead magnet creation process so you can take full control of the design.

Create Lead Magnets
To Attract Eyeballs

Do you feel frustrated when it comes to the design stage of a campaign? Zesno can set up your own color and font preferences so our templates will be instantly customized to your brand.

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Provide Traditional PDFs
Employ Modern Smart PDFs
High Conversion Rates

We can make traditional PDFs, but since they weren’t made for the mobile world, we made them smarter.

Custom Domain

Share your Smart PDF with a simple web link. Zesno will you set up a custom domain name (for eg. pdf.yourwebsite.com/…) if you want to keep your branding consistent.

smart pdf


Smart PDFs Benefits:
  • Subscriber Focused: A comfortable reading experience for your audience no matter the device they are using shows a care and attention to your subscribers.
  • Mobile Optimization: Your content will be automatically optimized to suit every device.
  • Analytics: Analyze the content that performs best within your lead magnet.
  • Social Sharing: Simple share tools help your content spread outside of your network.
  • Multimedia Friendly: All video and audio can be embedded and played directly within your lead magnet.
smart pdf


Ready To Make Your First Lead Magnet?

Zesno provides custom-made lead magnets:

  • eBook: Share in-depth knowledge about a particular subject.
  • Checklist: Help simplify complex tasks with an actionable list of tasks.
  • Resource Guide: Recommend things that people can buy to achieve a goal.
  • Workbook: Help your audience to learn with a Q&A style format.
  • Video Lookbook: Teach your audience about a subject with a selection of curated videos.
  • Email Templates: Share reusable email scripts with your audience for them to copy and paste.

Let Zesno handle the hardest part for you.

Getting a new lead is important but ensuring that your content is enjoyable to read? That’s were the magic happens and subscribers become customers.

We Can Help You DesignLead Magnets That Convert

eBooks might be the most popular form of lead magnet but that doesn’t mean that they are always the most appropriate. Resource guides, checklists, worksheets and fact sheets are often more suitable and they’re faster to create! Zesno helps you make them all.

We can also convert your blog posts into the lead magnet format with your preferred fonts and colors.


How is the content in your lead magnet actually performing? Do people even read it? Which pages are most popular? Zesno analytics give you these answers and more.

Password Protection

Need to share a lead magnet with a client or team member before it goes live? Password protection means that your content stays private until you’re ready.

Social Sharing

Help to generate more leads by making your lead magnets easy to share. Zesno integrates with all major social networks so you can make sharing easy.

lead magnet

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