Carpet raid

11/09/2020by Zesno0

If you want the highest confidence in reaching your valuable remarketing group, create a separate campaign targeting only this group and broadcast a campaign with a huge bid, at least 3 times higher than recommended.

Attention! This tactic will only work if your communication is really very attractive, e.g. you are doing a special promotion for a selected group.

Tactic steps:

1. Select segment

Determine which audience segment you want to flood with your message and find the selected targeting on the advertising platform that will allow you to reach this segment.

2. Plan your content

Remember that carpet raid only makes sense when you have a really attractive offer to offer. Determine which promotion could be most valuable to your audience.

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3. Set 3x the maximum bid

When you set up a campaign, set your bid 3x higher than recommended by the system (or than you bid before). This will allow you to reach the largest possible group of recipients from the indicated target.

Note – this tactic will only work if your ad is really good and users will be happy to click on it!

4. Plan time and budget

As the stakes will be high, make sure you have set the maximum budget and the time when the campaign will end. This tactic is aggressive and can quickly spend a large budget.

Remember the “keyword” of this Marketing tactic is (inherently) attractive. If your offer is not irresistible, the carpet raid will lose its power. Check out other Marketing tactics on Zesno.

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