SKAG targeting

20/01/2020by Zesno0

Learn as much as possible about your target group by using Single Keyword Ad Group targeting in campaigns. Do not combine targeting two or more interests, but create a separate set of ads for each and compare the results.

Tactic steps

1. Select Keywords

Decide which keywords you choose to test your SKAG tactics. Remember that these should be popular and wide-ranging queries – you will not get a reliable result after several dozen clicks. Focus on words that generate a minimum of 1,000 clicks per month.

Sample copy:

Eg. for lender: loan, payday loan, $5,000 loan, renovation loan

2. Create ad groups

Add ad sets to your Google Ads account by placing only one keyword in one group.

Sample copy:
  • [loan]
  • [payday loan]
  • [$ 5,000 loan]
  • [renovation loan]
3. Choose landing pages

If the amount of content on your website allows it, choose the landing page (or create one) most appropriate to the keyword – you do not always have to direct to the home page!

Check in a tool, eg. SurferSEO, how your landing page is positioned for a given keyword and choose the page that will give the highest result.

4. Create text ads

Prepare text ads that will be best contextually matched to your word. Check your ad’s Quality Score to make sure your ad is relevant enough to your keyword.

Sample titles:

“Cheap loan for everybody | Catch up with your dreams”

“Cheap payday loan for everybody | Catch up with your dreams”

” You can get even $ 5,000 loan | Catch up with your dreams”

“Cheap renovation loan | Make your apartment flourish”

SKAG targeting is a Marketing tactic that helps you juice out the most out of different ad groups.

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