Cheeseburger Landing Page Template

30/05/2021by Zesno0

Create a landing page where you will sell your small product – a sample of your skills that will provide you with a steady income and open the way to upselling of more expensive products.


landing pages


landing pages

Tactic steps:

1. Godfather Offer [Header]

This is where a graphic should appear, showing the product (e-book, infographic, etc.) that you want to give to users; it is also a place to put a catchy slogan and a short description that will arouse curiosity, announce benefits and will contain useful information for the recipient. Remember about “Call To Action” – Buy Now!

2. Product Presentation [Feature – Text Center]

Tell users what to expect when buying your product and what they will find in it; tell them directly what they pay for.

3. Benefits [Cards]

Indicate the benefits that the user will receive by downloading your product.

4. Testimonials [Testimonials]

Increase the credibility of the product and show the opinions of people who have already used your solution, are satisfied with it and confirm its effectiveness.

5. Buy now [CTA Sections]

Show product and price; add a short description to it; Remember about “Call To Action” – Buy Now! redirecting you to purchase.

After the icebreaker stage, this cheeseburger landing page template is exactly what you need to start getting customers.

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