Rule of inaccessibility’s trick

05/07/2022by Zesno0

Let your client know, that they have to be “ready” to buy your product or service. It gives you sense of inaccessibility and exclusive character.

Tactic steps:

1. Define your segment

Decide who you want to send the message to.

2. Define what feature

Choose a feature that will make them feel special for the selected audience.

3. Write a copy

Write a complementary copy, convincing them that only if they have this feature, they are ready to buy your product.

Sample copy:

“An experienced manufacturer will turn these 10 tips into doubling your revenue in just a month.” “If you’ve run at least two Facebook campaigns, you’re ready for this booster for your results.”

4. Create an email

Test this copy on selected segment in your newsletter database.

5. Create paid facebook post

If the message turns out to be effective, create a paid campaign and direct it to a similar target for money.

Making people feel special has been a great promotional tactic for a long time. We hope this rule of inaccessibility gives you some ideas to run your next great campaigns.

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