Flamingo: A collectibles certification and trading platform

03/07/2022by Zesno0

Flamingo (flamingo.trade) is an interesting project that serves 2 main purposes:

  • A tool to provide certificates of authenticity for items
  • A trading platform to buy & sell NFT-certified items as a bundle

Zesno has a chance to work with this awesome team to provide a professional brand identity package and a NFT marketplace website which can mint and trade items.


The team of Flamingo has witnessed how forgeries and counterfeits have dampened the trust and joy of avid collectors around the world, from which they decide to start Flamingo as an initiative to make collectibles trading a safe and cheerful experience. 


Unlike traditional way, you are going to acquire a bundle of both physical item (for eg. abstract painting, rare stamp, limited Rolex watch …) and its NFT counterpart in a purchase.

The physical collectibles satisfy your joy of showing items in real life, while the NFTs provide the digital certification of authenticity and, of course, display.

Team Flamingo: Ha Nguyen Tri


Ha Nguyen Tri is one of the famous contemporary painters. He is one of only two Vietnamese artists invited to attend Nord Art International Painting Exhibition (in Germany).

Besides, Ha Nguyen Tri is also an active member of Mekong Art and the domestic art community, and a bridge to international art programs.

His close friend, the prominent artist Le Trieu Dien whose paintings are displayed at the top-notched Dumonteil gallery, once commented that “Tri Rom is probably the most interesting Vietnamese artist to look out for.”

Joining with a purpose to protect the authenticity of artworks and collectibles, Tri plays a key role in disseminating the new idea of Flamingo to the community.

The Final Logo Of Flamingo


The initial logo brief of Flamingo.trade is to provide an image which incorporates 3 main features:

  • A flamingo (representing arts and culture)
  • An international outreach (Zesno’s design team uses the image of a hot air balloon to simplify the concept)
  • A yellow color (business, trading)

An NFT marketplace website that focuses on user-friendliness and modernity

flamingo website
Initial web front of flamingo.trade on desktop
nft marketplace
Flamingo.trade displays on mobile devices

Apart from the aesthetic appearance, the website must have:

  • A Dapps to tokenize and mint NFT
  • A mechanism to certify the authenticity of items and collectibles
  • A trading platform that buyers/collectors can easily acquire items and collectibles both physically and digitally

The project starts its alpha phase from July 01, 2022. We do hope the platform will help connect and grow a community of indie artists, hobbyists, professional collectors, international sculptors … in a positive way.

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