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20/08/2022by Zesno0

If you create a lot of valuable content, such as for a blog, let the user read only part of the article or watch only the first few minutes of the video. To read the entire material, the user should leave a lead, e.g. subscribe to your newsletter.

Tactic steps:

1. Select content

Determine which content can be valuable to your user that he will be willing to pay for it.

2. Determine how much content to hide

In each article you want to hide behind paywall, indicate the part of the content that will remain visible free of charge. Remember that it should be attractive enough for the user to feel the need to read further – even for money!

3. Select a currency

Choose how you want users to pay you. You can of course price the content for money and ask for a payment by credit card or bank transfer, but sometimes all you need to do is ask the user to create an account on your website or provide an email and double opt in.

4. Analyze

Check if it is profitable for you to continue with paywall content, which really brings you profit, and which completely stopped being read due to the imposed fee.

5. Create more

Create more content like the ones you get paid for.

This tactic has been applied widely by top editorial organizations across the world. If you believe in the amount of provided value of your website, why not?

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