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17/08/2022by Zesno0

Set up an automatic chatbot on your website so that it turns into a livechat with a consultant at the right moment. Decide what should trigger such a switch: choosing an expensive product? Entering an incorrect command several times? How about too long without continuing the conversation?

1. Set up tool

Choose your Marketing Automation tool that lets you use both chatbot and livechat (eg. Hubspot).

2. Set a person

Choose an employee of your company who will talk to a potential customer on the chat and set a notification that will inform him that someone has switched to livechat.

3. Select trigger

Decide what should trigger the change from an automated bot to a live chat with an employee, eg user decision “I want to talk to a consultant” or for a long time without choosing an answer during a conversation with an automated bot.

4. Analyze

Verify whether the users are more likely to use the chat than the change or whether they prefer a fully automated bot.

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