“Follow up” mail framework

17/06/2022by Zesno0

Don’t let the user forget about you! If a potential customer has already given you their e-mail address, try to communicate with them attractively and regularly, because it is almost free for you.

If you have obtained the user’s e-mail using the Lead Magnet method or a webinar, do not end the communication, and naturally expand it further, achieving new goals.

1. Remind

Remind what message you are following. Make sure the user associates why you contact them.

2. Summarize

Add information referring to the last report. If you are following a lead magnet message, summarize its content and expand it, e.g. with a link to a related blog note.

email automation

3. Refer to

Refer to another part of your business, e.g. the product you are selling, the event you organize or other lead magnet material. Remember that the link should be as natural as possible!

4. Allow unsubscribe

Make sure you add an unsubscribe option in your email – users will trust you more and will appreciate honesty if they feel they have control over their data.

5. Set a rule

Automate email sending by setting an adequate marketing automation rule on your platform.

Email automation is a powerful tool to convert leads or even upsell additional products and services. There are different email services, but some popular names are Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Sendinblue, etc.

Remember: The money is in the list!!

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