Automated upsell

20/02/2021by Zesno0

Users are several times more likely to buy something next than to buy something for the first time. Therefore, before you start actively looking for new customers, think about whether you can up-sell your additional services or products to your existing ones. Prepare the entire upselling plan that will allow you to propose offers as effectively as possible.

Tactics steps:

1. Analyze what you already have

Let’s start with what is in the fridge – check the scheme according to which users buy your products most often today. Create the most popular purchased kits from them.

2. Select upsell products

Based on this analysis, determine which products or services you should upsell.

3. Prepare automation

Prepare automation in your Marketing Automation tool – send an e-mail or text message to users who bought the product and promote the product most often purchased after the product they previously bought or the most frequently purchased product in your entire store.

4. Prepare materials

Prepare graphic materials and captions that you will use in the campaign promoting up-sale.

5. Set a promotion

Consider whether users buying the next product should not be offered a small discount, e.g. 5%. This will make users more likely to buy from you a second time.

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