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30/07/2022by Zesno0

Ask the users you have in the database for their opinion on what your product should look like. Don’t forget to email them how important but simple their task is. Based on the answers that are most often given, you can, for example, create another Icebreaker!

Tactic steps

1. Specify the target group

Specify precisely who you want to get an answer to your question from. This group consists of people to whom you later sell your products or services, so answer the question – who would you like to sell to next?

2. Think what question to ask

In reference to the selected group, think of the question you will ask about the real needs of your target group.

3. Analyze the answers

Make and write down conclusions resulting from the answers of users.

4. Create a Lead Magnet

In exchange for the customer’s opinion, offer a Lead Magnet in the form of a Landing Page and a free PDF. Prepare a website and an e-book that will refer to the question asked, the answers obtained and the conclusions drawn from them.

quiz funnel

5. Create an e-mail message

To the same group of recipients that answered the question, send a Marketing Automation message with your Lead Magnet.

6. Create micro-content

Create micro-content from the survey responses that you can distribute in your own Social Media channels.

Asking is very powerful as you can identify customers’ insight. You may read about Ryan Levesque and his Ask Method. At Zesno, we’ve helped clients to achieve more sales with the quiz funnels.

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