Free consulting message

25/07/2022by Zesno0

Send a message to your database with a proposal for a free, no-obligation consultation. You will find out which of your contacts are close to a purchase decision.

Tactic steps

1. Establish consultation rules

Decide on the terms of the consultation: what exactly will you be able to consult, in what form (online, live, in writing?) And how many hours it will take. Designate a person to handle the consultation.

2. Prepare materials

Create an e-mail that will inform your users about the possibility of a free consultation. You can emphasize that the number of consultations and the duration of the promotion are limited.

3. Prepare the sending of e-mails or text messages

In your system, set up the sending of e-mails to a group of recipients that are not your customers yet.

Who doesn’t love free? But this free consulting message’s tactic will help you identify some clients who are ready jump into the water with you. This is very easy to implement: only with an email service like Mailchimp and you – the consultant.

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