Alex Cattoni’s 6-Step Wheel of Persuasion

30/06/2022by Zesno0

The biggest challenge when preparing a copy is to clearly and briefly present the value of your product or service. Advertisers often talk about their business either too much or focus on things that are of no value to the recipient.

The solution to this problem is to use a framework that will give you simple guidelines on how to talk only about the most important elements.

Meet the “6 Ps rule” created by Alex Cattoni, thanks to which your copy will not only be valuable, but also draw the recipient into a story that he will want to read to the end!

Tactic steps:

1. Problem

“I help [audience] with [problem]”

Sample copy:

I help young moms with taking care of their children.

2. Pain

“You are [experience/pain] because [specific problem]”

Sample copy:

You are overwhelmed because you are tormented by sleep deprivation and everything is new to you.

3. Prescription

“To overcome [problem] you will need [solution]” Tell people how you can solve their specific problem and be sure, that is really a solution.

Sample copy:

  • To overcome the rush of problems, you will need someone who has dealt with a similar problem more than once – an experienced parent trainer.
  • To overcome indecisiveness you will need someone with bigger experience – experienced insurance consultant.


4. Pivot

“I’m on a mission to [state mission] because [reason why] and I discovered [unique solution] to help [core benefit]”

Sample copy:

I’m on a mission to teach parents how to easily start a new life with a baby because I have been struggling with it for a long time and I discovered the formula to help quickly learn the role of a parent of a newborn baby.

5. Positioning

“Maybe you’ve tried/thought of [alternative solution] but [another problem]

Sample copy:

Maybe you’ve tried doing it on your own but you don’t have the strength or time to learn by trial and error on your own.

6. Product

“The best/simplest/easiest/fastest way to overcome [core problem] is to [unique solution] that [unique positioning]”

Sample copy:

The easiest and fastest way to overcome fatigue and helplessness is to use a framework that has already helped hundreds of parents to adapt quickly.

We hope that Alex Cattoni has given you a robust framework to sharpen your copies. Don’t forget to practice this skill regularly for optimal results.

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