Tease – reveal – echo framework

07/08/2022by Zesno0

Create a series of videos that will draw the user into the story and make them look forward to the next installment.

Start with a video that won’t tell you everything and leave you hungry for information.

Secondly, show a movie that will explain the mystery of the first part. Then remind users who saw the first two videos about the product’s most important benefits with an echo video.

Tactic steps

1. Tease

Think about how you will get the user’s attention. This message must overpromise, it must be unpredictable, intriguing, and sometimes even iconoclastic. Make sure that the user will not be indifferent to it!

2. Reveal

Explain to users the uncertainty you built with the first movie. Make sure you logically refer to the tension that was built in the first message, but also focus on clearly describing the product or service you are promoting.

3. Echo

Referring to previous videos, remind the user of the most important information about the promoted product or service. You can even use fragments of the Reveal movie if you manage to cut it into shorter, one coherent pieces of information.

Videos are best to be shared on social medias such as Twitter, Tictok and Instagram .. Create sequence and make people crave for your final offer.

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