Sales demo steady flow

02/09/2021by Zesno0

If your low conversion rate is because your product is difficult to understand, you can offer your audience a sales demo. Scheduling an interview with everyone interested can be time-consuming and unprofitable, so create a recording in which you describe the tool in detail and show its functionalities.

Tactic steps:

1. Record a sales demo

Decide what the product demo scenario should be, in which the basic functionalities of the tool or the course of an example process are shown.

Make sure that your real employee appears on the video – it will inspire confidence and make the presentation real.

2. Add a pop-up

Using the Marketing Automation system or the help of a webdeveloper, add a pop-up in which you will offer people leaving the website without buying the option to leave an e-mail address to receive a product demo.

3. Set up automation

Set up an email in Marketing Automation. which will be sent to everyone completing the pop-up form.

4. Plan further communication

After the presentation, be sure to send the user series of e-mails with essential parts of the recording and remind them that they can ask questions.

After the presentation, be sure to send the user an e-mail with the recording and let them ask questions!

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