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03/03/2022by Zesno0

In this Marketing tactics series, let’s continue to discover the Facebook lead generation and download campaign’s idea.

This is probably one of the most effective ways to collect leads to promote your downloadable lead magnets – Lead Generation Ad on Facebook.

Thanks to the simple combination of popular tools, the user will be able to receive an e-mail with the materials shortly after he has submitted leads through the form in the ad. This way, you don’t even have to drive traffic to your landing page!

You can also conduct tests on how to obtain contact leads cheaper – using the website or Lead Generation Ad.

1. Prepare graphics

Start by creating graphics that will best present your lead magnet – if you have created an ebook, it will be good to use the silhouette of the book so that you can see at a glance what you offer to the user.

facebook lead
Any image that suits your need is the best.

Create a graphic in JPG format in 1080 x 1080 size for the best effects. You do not need to include your company logo or a button on the graphic, and try not to overdo it with the amount of text and a small font – remember that your ad will also be viewed on mobile.

2. Create a copy

Create an encouraging copy that will be displayed next to your fanpage logo and above the advertising graphics. Use arguments related to the value of your ebook and allay fears that users may have about leaving their data for you.

3. Set up the form

Open your Facebook Business Manager and create a new form. Determine what data you want to take from the user in exchange for the e-book. Remember not to scare him off with too much data! You will definitely need an email address and name. If you are preparing a campaign for a B2B product, be sure to ask for the company’s name and website.

4. Set Zap

Create Account on Zapier. Set up the automation as instructed: https://zapier.com/apps/facebook-lead-ads/integrations.


5. Create an e-mail content

On your Zapier account, add the e-mail text, in which you thank for signing up to the database and send the ordered e-book. Don’t forget to invite people to follow on Social Media and join your communities!

6. Create a Facebook Ads campaign

Create a Facebook Ads campaign with the Lead Generation goal. The platform will guide you through the process, remember to use previously prepared graphics and copy – the more variants of materials you use, the better!

We hope that you like this marketing tactic. At Zesno, we have many ways to generate leads with download (lead magnet). Check out Lead Magnet and Online Forms and Surveys and Resource Library .

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