Media Consulting For Urgo Vietnam

03/03/2022by Zesno0

With a keen purpose of improving the state of new product awareness, Urgo has hired Zesno to consult about media planning and booking for its new launches.

One of the strategies is to get coverage on some targeted online newspapers, which deliver trust and eyeballs. Here is a quick glimpse of our comparison table:

media booking
With detailed stats and our short comments

One of the product promotion articles got featured on Yan. Before any release, Zesno submits a demo version on those particular sites and Urgo Vietnam has a chance to approve the final drafts in advance.

pr in vietnam
They have an audio feature for every articles. Great!
PR bao
And a little helpful box to introduce about the brand and new product. We can also add hyperlink to online store should there be a need.

Urgo Vietnam then received a detailed statistics about the page traffic and social media shares. The numbers are beneficial to any businesses to analyze and pivot their current strategies.

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