Sales funnel secrets from 9 experts

10/03/2022by Zesno0

You created your website to follow a marketing plan.

You think you did everything right.

But no sales!

We are here to help!

Read this article to fix this problem

9 successful business owners tell us their most profitable sales funnel secrets.

Julie Zhu

Founder of Julie Zhu LLC

It’s key to speak your customer’s language, so they follow you.

Use your prospect’s exact words to describe challenges on the sales page.

Showcase your unique value proposition.

How are you offering something different from the others?

Don’t confuse clients more than they need to be confused!

How exactly can you help them?

Make your copy relevant to your customer’s needs.

Anne Miles

Founder of Suits & Sneakers

According to McKinsey, 73% of digital transformations for businesses fail. This is way too high. Something needs to be done!

Better education, strategic targeting and market testing are crucial. Marketing spending amplifies a poor product and is a waste of money. Getting the product and market fit right is essential.

Danielle Lewis

Founder of Sales & Wine

Four steps for creating a website that converts sales:

  1.  Speak to and call out who your target customer is. You will not be here for everyone, so get specific!
  2. Tell them exactly: What problem you solve and what value you provide.
  3. Try to get their email address by giving them free downloads or mini-courses.
  4. Now mail them wisely peppering your message with links to buy products.


Katrina Voevodin

Co-Founder of Three Peas Marketing

Here are some ideas for creating killer sales funnels:

  •  Make sure you are using the BENEFIT language, not talking about the features.
  • Focus on the result that the customer is going to get.
  • People need to KNOW, LIKE & TRUST you, so offer lots of value and a free or low-cost initial offer. Doing that will give them a chance to get to know you first.
  • Use URGENCY: create a timer to give them a reason to take action faster.


Sean Withford

Co-founder of Eloquent.

Stages of audiences:

The first step is to understand your customer and map out their buyer journey. Your audience often moves through the stages of:

  • Awareness (I have a problem)
  • Points (What are my available solutions)
  • Decision (Choosing a particular solution)

MQL Stage:
At Point Stage, all your assets should be content with intent.

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL):
Someone that might fit your ideal customer profile.

Then, understand their challenge and build trust and establish if a person has BANT:

  • Budget: Can they invest in a solution?
  • Authority: Who else needs to be involved in a decision?
  • Need: Do they have a problem they genuinely want to be solved?
  • Time: How quickly does the problem need to be solved? This afternoon or next year?

At this stage, If you have established BANT, you now have a genuine space.

Proposal stage:
Refer back to the prospects’ problem. Then proof how you can help to achieve their goal.

sales funnel

Hamna Amjad

Outreach Manager of Physicians Thrive

Customers need a clear idea for purchasing your product. Following are the ways you can create successful sales funnels:

  1. Choosing a niche is the first step of the ladder. You need to understand customers’ interests. Identifying your target niche makes things easy down the line. When you have a clear idea of customer needs, you can make a perfect sales funnel.
  2. The second step is creating a sales funnel. This step should have a clear CTA [Call to action]. This enables the visitor to move forward in your sales funnel. You also have to A/B test your funnel. There might be some issues regarding your funnel. Clear them out.
  3. Design a landing page on the CTA button of the website with information. And another CTA for checkout.
  4. Your landing page should attract the audience to purchase the product.


Jas Banwait Gill

Growth Manager of SnackMagic.

We provide support before/after buying the product with a strategy that includes:

  1.  Asking visitors to subscribe to our newsletter.
  2. Sending them informative emails about upcoming holidays and events.
  3. Designing clean and simple websites that allow easy navigation.
  4. Making it easy to send and receive gifts.
  5. Meeting customers on social media platforms to show our appreciation.

Our seamless buyer journey is what keeps our customers coming back to our website.

Alex Van Doren

Founder & Senior Dynamic Marketer

3 Main Structures To Attract Customers:

  • First: Warm up the leads.
  • Second: Convince those warm leads to opt-in or make a purchase.
  • Third: Retarget that traffic to complete a sale (or an additional sale).

Mapping this out in a visual flow chart. That will help you strategize and plan to gain and grow your customer base.


Quincy Smith

Marketing Manager of Mira Care

The trick to a good sales funnel is to segment. After that, send relevant messages to groups of users. 

Do not send the same message to everyone. A great place to start is where you collect your leads.


The message should match their first step.

So, if they download a guide on finance, your messages should be finance-related. Not something broad.

You can even take it a step further and trigger more messages.

If they return to the site, this ensures you are reaching them with relevant content.


How to increase your sales funnel?

It’s all about a simple fact: “Think like your customer”

How do they describe things?

Is their journey on your web easy?

What are the problems they face? And are they related to your products?

Think that you want to help them to fix their problem.


Gifts are the magic.

Also, send them the info they are looking for.

Finally, follow all the techniques our experts told you.

In this case, the sales will grow, and they will be loyal customers.

If you need help creating a sales funnel or lead magnet campaign, Zesno can give you a hand.

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