Zesno joins forces with Farmvina to further Vietnamese agriculture

17/09/2021by Zesno0

Together with the highly popular Farmvina and LSM, Zesno will be contributing to the joint effort to boost the state of agriculture in Vietnam and beyond.

Here is the interview retrieved from Fox and NBC:

Vietnam, 17 September 2021– Vietnamese farmers used to starve for proper agri-information. To address that issue, Farmvina has been established by Mr. Johny Nguyen since 2012 with the sole purpose of helping a new dynamic generation of farmers to access free education and improve their lives. Since then, Farmvina has attracted a flux of 20 million pageviews and is well-positioned as one of the most influential agricultural platforms in Vietnam. Yet, the founder wants more.

“43% of 92 million Vietnamese inhabitants engage in agriculture. Currently, Farmvina has successfully accomplished the first step to winning the trust of the farming community. However, staying as an informational platform will never be enough to transform Vietnamese agriculture and fuel the growth of the country’s economy, so we have decided to take more audacious steps to make additional positive impacts.” – Johny Nguyen

The Current Issues Of Vietnamese Agriculture

The sector is facing new challenges arising from international markets, new geopolitical situations, epidemics and climate change, while the state-led development strategy may not be flexible enough to cope with.

“However, I see it as an opportunity to connect fragmented pieces, speed up the value chain restructuring and innovate a new growth model. For example, order delays for seafood products lead to the development of processed products such as canned and frozen foods which allow companies to change business methods and seek more exporting markets.”

New Partnerships & Plans

Farmvina has strategically partnered with local marketing firm (LSM) and technology firm (Zesno) in order to carry out more sophisticated and impactful projects in the near future.

For instance, Farmvina is currently providing free website setup, QR code, and business guidance for potential farmers and agri-businesses.

“We have pinpointed the most urging issue of our people which is online presence and branding. Vietnam has a lot of specialties and Vietnamese people are inherently creative and hardworking. They simply need a little push and guidance to launch successful businesses, especially eCommerce. The pandemic has changed the world in so many ways and having the knowledge to employ eCommerce will tremendously help the farmers or business owners to communicate and sell their products more effectively. Farmvina is here to help!”

“We also plan to turn Farmvina into an influential media outlet in the sector by leveraging on social media and email marketing effort. Last year, we disseminated 500,000 emails to our 40,000 email subscribers. In the next 12 months, we aim to beef up our content and distribute at least 2 million emails to our stakeholders. Community unity is crucial. We believe it is our key to unlock current bottlenecks thoroughly.”

“We have already started projects to help farmers boost sales by providing an eCommerce platform that connects buyers and sellers directly, provides export opportunities and packages products as subscriptions. This year, we are planning to open physical stores in Ho Chi Minh City to promote good products and diversify commercial streams.”

For a decade, Farmvina has been bootstrapped from limited resources and an unbending will of a small group of passionate initiators. To make a bigger impact, Farmvina has plans to recruit more members, collaborate with local partners and attract social funds that ultimately transform the current state of Vietnamese agriculture and beyond. Come join us!

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Johny Nguyen
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