First 250 email subscribers

10/07/2022by Zesno0

Building your newsletter base is easy when you have an advertising budget and you can pay for the ad broadcast. But what if you need to get the community from scratch without spending a budget?

Your most important currency is your time, commitment and knowledge that you can share. Then the barrier from 0 to even 1000 first subscriber is not so hard to cross.

Tactic steps

1. Niche communities

Find niche communities related to your industry where you still have the potential to be noticed.

2. Create a Lead Magnet

Create content to attract subscribers. Look for the topic that’s most frequently asked by the community.

3. Create a lead magnet website

Give users that lead magnet for leaving a lead – at least an e-mail address. Create a page where you can fill out a form for download. Check out our Landing Pages service.

4. Contribute regularly

Provide free value by answering people’s questions, generating ideas, and becoming a trusted voice in the niche community. Search for relevant threads and comment by referring to your free content.

Email marketing is still very effective in today’s context. Start with your small army of subscribers and grow them in no time by providing relevant and valuable contents.

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