Online Quiz Attracts Leads

10/03/2021by Zesno0

Dekor is a relatively young interior design firm that struggled with finding new clients. They had tried different traditional promotion tactics without much success.

Spending a great deal of time to analyze the issues, Zesno came up with a brilliant idea to provide a free online quiz that help new apt owners get instant answers to their most urging question: “How much would it cost to build my apartment?”. This is a great way to collect information from targeted customers.

Averagely, Dekor has received 5 qualified leads daily thanks to this quiz alone. Before working with Zesno, Dekor only had 5 random leads monthly.

Scope Of Work:

  • Quiz Research
  • Quiz Design (logic jump, calculator …)
  • Website Design
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Augment Reality Technology


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