One Studios wins the famous local startup competition

06/09/2022by Zesno0

One Magic School, a GameFI project initiated by One Studios JSC., has won Bach Khoa Innovation 2022 – a prestigious startup competition in Vietnam as CafeBiz delivers the news today.

To learn more about the project, we have already covered some interesting notes here:

One Magic School: Cast your spell!

Zesno proudly joins force with One Studios to promote this play-to-earn game that focuses on fun content and exciting gameplay. Furthermore, we will be in charge of growing community and connecting investors in the first stage.

one studios
A screenshot from CafeBiz, a well-known Vietnamese editorial publisher that focuses on businesses and startup community.

We would love to bring you more updates regarding the progress of the team. Meanwhile, stay tuned and prepare for some upcoming airdrops and affiliates events!

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