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04/06/2022by Zesno0

Game3 started!

One Magic School is a GameFi project initiated by One Studios JSC., a young yet enthusiastic indie game studio located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Zesno proudly joins force with One Studios to promote this play-to-earn game that focuses on fun content and exciting gameplay. Furthermore, we will be in charge of growing community and connecting investors in the first stage.

one magic school
Vietnam is a hotbed for GameFi industry with many young developers and a growing pool of avid players. Do you know that Axie Infinity (Sky Mavis) originates from Vietnam?

Key Differences:

  • Unlike other NFT games flooding the market nowadays, we invest heavily into the game quality, to make One Magic School an actually great game for everyone to enjoy.
  • Unlike other great non-NFT games on the market, our ONE game is imbued with NFTs and blockchain technology, thus allowing players to own their assets while being rewarded for their contribution to the game.

World: In this ONE world, players can explore the storyline full of interesting mysteries, fight monsters, gather resources, and then, plan a strategic combination before crafting new NFTs and making profits from trading and lending. Not only that, One Magic School also have a place for players to create their own unique game assets that can be used in various activities. In other words, we will embrace user-generated content.

In the next stages of the game, the ONE world will be upgraded to fully Metaverse compatible, we can then freely choose either to join a dominating Metaverse or to create one ourselves.

one studios
The founders of Game Studios – An, Nhan, Johny (from left to right)

Gameplay & NFTs: The One Magic School offers a variety of NFT types that can interact with each other to form different strategies. NFT types include the following:

a. Main character (Magic Disciple or MD) with different traits and spec. Can be fused with each other to unlock Source-Infused Magic Disciple, a new powerful type of MD. This in turn unlocks other great abilities called Sourcing.

b. Equipment – can be carried by MDs to battle. Unlocking specific types of skills. Can benefit from MD traits and spec.

c. Skill – can be carried by Magic Disciples to battle. Use in combination with equipment and main characters. Can benefit from MD traits and spec.

d. Pets – MDs with certain traits can acquire the “Tame” ability, allowing them to capture and raise animal pups to become pets. These pets can be brought to battle or used for defi farming at home.

Economy: A Defi dex will be included in the game so players can easily control their economy without the complication of the crypto world. We have also carefully calculated the game economy so that the game will have long-term sustainability while still being profitable for players and investors.

Value proposition: One Magic School is the combination of great gameplay and a sense of value created by NFTs and cryptocurrency. This unique gameplay and the excitement it may bring was made possible by the NFT technology, where players really own their assets and can sell them on the marketplace for real money.

Inspired by the vast potential of NFTs and how they can change the future of gaming. We have combined the technology with our dream of a perfect game into a complex mechanic, where players can enjoy exploring, creating, and much more.

Download the white paper at

Contact us at [email protected] should you require media kit or inquire business opportunity with One Magic School!

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