Ecommerce Chatbot: 7 reasons why you need one (or two)

27/07/2021by Zesno0

Ecommerce Chatbot

For online businesses, one thing is considerably important i.e; excellent customer care. It is an imperative element for gaining customer loyalty to establish the brand. But, many e-commerce platforms struggle for it. If we talk about the ratio, around 80% of businesses use chatbot in e-commerce one way or another.

But before, the scenarios were different, a person used to sit on answering machines and give replies to all the queries that come in their way. This was an intricate procedure to follow. While other customers waiting in line to ask their doubts may cost a company loses their potential clients.

The customer services of the e-commerce business are evolving day by day and the major reason for this is a chatbot. Chatbots are here to stay and are considered to be the future of customer management and service.

This is a fact that an ecommerce chatbot has taken a giant leap and come out as a pioneering trend. Many businesses have already started operating their work by utilizing AI chatbots for e-commerce business. The motive to use chatbot technology is to provide flawless conversation to customers without any hindrance and affecting the market.

Before getting to the point about businesses requiring chatbots for their success, let’s learn what are chatbots?

What are Ecommerce Chatbots?

Chatbots are automated interfaces through which a user can have a real-time conversation and gets actual information. In a layman’s term, it is a computer program that talks back to a user. Ecommerce chatbots interact exactly as a human would and manage customers without any in-between breaks and delays.

Depending on the requirement of a business, chatbots could be in a voice-based or text-based conversational AI. This concludes that chatbots understand verbalize and written language. With the encouragement of a virtual assistant, businesses get closer to their customer and it broadens customer engagement. With the advancements in ultra-modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and speech recognition. Because of these technologies, chatbots have advanced so much that they can easily imitate human conversation very closely.

So, after gaining knowledge about chatbots and before going any further let’s read out about eCommerce chatbots and how they are beneficial to an eCommerce business.

What is an E-commerce Chatbots?

Firstly, chatbots and eCommerce chatbots are the same things. E-commerce chatbots are defined as computer programs designed to respond to human users’ problems over the Internet.

Chatbots have become a pre-eminent part of business development and in the future, the need for these bots will become inevitable.

Ecommerce Chatbots are generally being used with popular messaging applications. These chatbots run the text that is inserted by humans through an algorithm. This way and based on the keywords chatbots figure out what a user wants before replying with an answer.

The wonderful world of e-commerce messenger bots is here to give an ultra-friendly, super-knowledgeable, always-available sales associate experience to the customers. The bots will always be available to assist you. Mostly, all smartphone applications rely on chatbots to perform.

Ecommerce chatbot can do everything from taking orders and tracking the delivery to processing payments and cancelation of the order. The chatbots can grab existing, new, and potential users’ attention by having a fun and entertaining conversation. Also, the users can experience a real-time conversation, without the involvement of a human being.

In today’s time, there are chatbots available for the existing messaging apps such as WhatsApp chatbot for eCommerce, Facebook Messenger chatbot, online shopping chatbot, Slack chatbot, and many other eCommerce platforms.

If you are still in a perplexing situation about how chatbots are important in the growth of your e-commerce business. Here are seven reasons how your business needs a chatbot.

Top-tier 7 Reasons “Why Ecommerce Businesses Need A Chatbot?”

Chatbots are not bound by any limitation be it geographical or physical. They assist their users anytime anywhere without the need for a break. They gather customers round the clock and improve customer experience. They believe in instant responses and boost customer satisfaction.

Chatbots leverage e-commerce platforms more than any other technology. It can help you with the following:

But these are just the icing on the cake. Below are some detailed advantages chatbots offer to a business:

ecommerce chatbot

1. Chatbots help businesses in saving money

Is it possible that an individual can be on the chat window or call 24/7? No, it’s not.

For this “CHATBOTS” are here.

Initially, every innovative thing requires some investments, but in the long run, they will help businesses in saving a lot of money. As robots never die or need a break, chatbots can handle thousands of queries at once and eventually minimize staffing costs.

Chatbots are worth the price as they bring in a huge amount of business with them in the future. They are the one-time investment that will take your business to new heights of success.

After using chatbots, eCommerce businesses can automate the sales process, lead generation, and support service. By doing this, businesses can focus on other marketing strategies to keep up with the competitive market to maximize their leads.

2. 24/7 Accessibility

Most businesses would like to operate their business 24/7, but it is impossible without the support of a robot. Providing 24/7 support to your customers has a positive impact and will lead to customer engagement and satisfaction.

Chatbots give a business its incredible feature of time-boundness. No matter what the time is, be it morning, afternoon, or midnight e-commerce bots are always ready to offer support services to their customers. They also let users browse and purchase products without waiting.

3. Saves time

In this competitive market, it has become the utmost priority for e-commerce businesses to make sure that customers get nonpareil services that they longing for.

With chatbots, there is no need to stand in line as they can handle thousands of customers in one go. They fix the issue and provide answers to the users’ questions in no time. This way chatbots help more people efficiently and quickly.

4. The Best Way To Target Millennials

Chat channels are very popular among Millennials. They love to text their family, friends, and colleagues regularly. This is one of the main reasons why live chat support services have become so popular over the past few years.

Also, millennials are not impulsive buyers. Before buying any products, millennials do like to inquire and compare the products. If the product line is aimed at Millennials then it is a prudent investment to introduce chatbots in customer service.

However, in a survey, it has also been suggested that Millennials would like to solve issues on their own. They try to avoid human contact and believe in having solved it by themselves. This is exactly why chatbots are needed to deliver service to them and can help brands gain reviews. This is what they can achieve by interacting with a chatbot as opposed to a human agent.

5. Help in Building Customer Relationships

With E-commerce chatbots, businesses can show the customers that they care about them and they are important to them. Chatbots will read out the customers’ insights while interacting with the user. They also help businesses to make quicker, personalized, and data-driven decisions when it comes to serving customers.

By doing this, businesses can gain the trust of their customers and welcome any opportunities that will come their way. Similarly, businesses can reach out to the people who are likely to buy what they have to offer.

6. Overwhelming Services

There are always times where people get frustrated and can talk rudely. It will be a difficult task to be full-time on a call and keep yourself happy. While talking over a call, users and executives can get rude and this will directly impact both the company and the executive a hard way.

Here chatbots are no less than “Knight In Shining Armour”! With them, there are 24/7 and 365 days guaranteed politeness and warm welcome of their users.

7. An Adequate and Cost-Effective Solution for E-commerce

In today’s competitive times, almost every other e-commerce business started using chatbots to drive maximum traffic on their website and increase online sales.

Where technologies have taken over the market immensely, gone are the days where AI chatbots were only an available option. Today, businesses can use this AI-powered at their fingertips at an affordable price.

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