Team motivation secrets from 9 experts

21/01/2022by Zesno0

Why do many leaders fail when it comes to motivating their team members?
Business success is a team sport.
Therefore, leaders need to pay attention to their team members’ needs.
Learn from business experts who shared their best ideas on “How To Motivate Your Team?”.

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How To Keep Your Team Motivated?

Cristina Imre
CEO & Co-Founder at Aecho

Motivating a team is like fine dining.
A cook will need all the right ingredients to cook a perfect meal.
For your team to become productive they will need the right tools and resources.

Axel Hernborg
CEO of Tripplo

A motivated and inspired team is a must if you expect great results. Giving positive feedback & rewarding your team will get the most out of them.
Show gratitude, and appreciation for your team’s hard work and dedication.
Don’t just say nice job.

Describe how their work benefited the company.
This will encourage teammates to do better.

team motivation

Moshes Law
CEO of Moshe’s Law Firm in New York

To keep your team motivated, you must have several strategies in place. Strategies may include additional rewards and incentives. Appreciate and support your team toward their personal and business goals.
Team members must collaborate and contribute toward each projects’ success.
Create a friendly and supportive working environment to encourage teamwork.

Loren Howard
Real Estate Investor, Founder Of Prime Plus Mortgages

The best way to keep your team motivated is through mentoring and coaching. Working one-on-one with your team can help them become more creative and productive.
Be willing to invest in their personal development and growth.

Hamna Amjad
Outreach Manager of Physicians Thrive

Covid-19 has impacted so many businesses around the world. There is a slim chance of things going back to ‘normal’ in the nearest future.

Here are the top three ways to keep your team engaged and motivated:

team motivation


It’s more important than ever to invest in corporate wellness programs. This would help in de-stressing your employees and help them stay positive.
A wellness program can improve your teams’ engagement and business growth.


Create social events where team members can have fun and bond with each other.
Team-building activities will encourage teammates to be close.
This will help your team to become happier working with their mates.


Make sure every team member feels recognized for their hard work. Recognizing their hard work will greatly increase their engagement.
Don’t forget to highlight the importance of their role in business growth.

Team leaders should develop an employee recognition program.
Show appreciation and reward extra bonuses to their employees.
Or a thoughtful gift whenever an employee goes the extra mile.

Jared Pobre
Co-Founder of Caldera + Lab

Encourage the team members to contribute and participate in decision-making.
Allow them to speak their ideas, especially during meetings.
Encourage them to use suggestion box apps to voice concerns.

Shaunak Amin
Co-founder and CEO of Snack Magic

A team is consists of remote, hybrid, and in-house staff members. Gone are the days when people go to the office from 9 am to 5 pm. Recognize your team’s efforts if you want to attract and retain top talent.
Reward your team with swag, special snack boxes, gift cards, or other incentives.
The culture of recognizing team efforts will add value to the brand.
It will help job seekers view your company as a great place to work.

Pavel Stepanov
CEO of Virtudesk

There are lots of ways to keep your team motivated.
One of those ways is rewards and recognizing employees’ efforts.
Encourage the team by showing them how their efforts make a difference.

Encourage team members to connect with their mates and work together as one. Create quizzes about your products.
Or set KPIs on weekly or monthly goals.
Nothing can beat teamwork and group effort.

Lastly, be a supportive team leader.
You should always lead your followers and be good role models.
Encouraging them with kind words, and guiding them through the process.
A simple “Thank You” note from you will brighten up their day. Help them appreciate you too.

how to motivate team

Rae Danielson
HR & Operations Director

Building relationships with your team is crucial for motivation and bonding.
Make a point to be friendly toward your team and encourage their ideas. This will inspire them to communicate with you effectively without worry.
Incentives are another strong motivator.

A few top choices are:

  • Paid days off.
  • Comp lunch delivered right to their door.
  • Gift cards of their choosing.
  • Surprise cash bonuses.
  • Weekly paydays.

Don’t forget to make a point in celebrating their birthdays and work anniversaries. Showing appreciation for their hard work and achievements goes a long way.

Be a friend, not only a boss.
Encourage your team members to talk to you about their ideas and goals.
Show concern about their health, happiness, families, and friends.

In return, they will not only respect and trust you but pursue stronger productivity at work.
This will provide retention and happy work culture.


How to motivate your team?

Be a friend, not only a boss.
Encourage your team members to talk to you about their ideas and goals.
Show concern about their health, happiness, families, and friends.
In return, they will respect and honour you.
Also, they will be productive.
A little empathy & kindness can go a long way for you and your business.

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