Sach Boong: Providing safe living space and beyond

08/07/2022by Zesno0

Sach Boong ( is a Vietnamese startup that provides hygienic and clean living space solution by utilizing a modern photocatalysis technology from Japan represented by Mr. Nakazato Yuichi.

Zesno has been hired to conceptualize and design a new logo which triggers trust and professionalism.

Initial concepts:

sachboong1 sachboong2 sachboong3 sachboong4 sachboong5

Final Logo of Sach Boong:

sachboong logo

Voilà! This is the choosen logo which incorporates:

  • Blue color provides a sense of credibility, loyalty and professionalism
  • A shield represents protection
  • Sakura flowers represents the nation of Japan (further enhances trust)
  • A ‘S’ letter represents ‘Sachboong’ and ‘Superman’ – the superhero that protects you from germ and harmful environment

Next Steps

Zesno continues to develop an informative website at where people can explore Sach Boong’s services and instantly book if desired. They also aim to add an e-commerce feature to provide products and industrial substance for cleaning and sanitization purposes.


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