A ‘hot’ branding kit for ‘language’

09/07/2022by Zesno0

Hot Language is a new project dedicated to help people learn other languages effortlessly. The site aims to provide different curated courses and meaningful tips that learners can learn online and at their own paces.

At Zesno, we love to work with entrepreneurial projects like Hot Language. Let’s dive in to our final works:

hot language
Again, we start with the primary palette which our clients really love!
Then, the grey palette
Besides color combination, typography is very important to make a visual impact

Here comes the full logo. We love this logo as it’s really youthful and relevant to the business name as well as the target customers.

branding kit cheap branding kit affordable branding kit creative branding kit creative branding kit

How’s about the simplified logo?

Yes, we’ve also prepared different color combinations for the simplified logo.

creative logo design zesno design graphic design local design company zesno.com hotlanguage hotlanguage.com learn new languages

And the main avatars for social media

social media avatars

Finally, let’s check how the branding elements blend in real life cases:

marketing agency
design agency graphic talents


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