Kava: Launch!

30/06/2021by Zesno0

Kava, meaning ‘coffee’ in Lithuanian, is our new mobile application to help people stay on top of project’s time management.

It has been a long-time issue since most solutions focus solely on the supplier’s side, neglecting the needs of customers to have a user-friendly tracking apps.

With that purpose in mind, Kava develops an easy-to-use app with the aims to put different parties on a same page which allows smooth communication and transparent deadlines.

You may effortlessly use Kava for personal tasks or professional projects such as events, constructions, interior design works, educational workshops, …

Ah, do you know that Kava is currently FREE for all users?

Without further ado, head over to the respective app stores to download:

We have a dedicated page to support Kava users and announce release updates HERE (in Vietnamese).

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