7phut.com (7 minutes) aim to be a Vietnamese educational site that collects all the (good) things that you may do in 7 minutes. Joe, the founder, said: “We created 7phut.com because we believe that everyone has seven minutes to spare each day to learn something new. We also believe that there is tremendous value in...


Every business owner wants a website and a company image that sticks in the buyer’s mind. Whether this comes in the form of logos, color schemes, or graphics, your brand should have a clear message that stays with the consumer. Luckily, you can apply a few branding tips and tricks to your website to draw...


MobiHome, located at Ho Chi Minh City, is an innovative pre-fab house manufacturing company which focuses on B2B clients, especially HORECA (hotels, resorts, and cafes). MobiHome owns an interesting product line, including Trio, Cubic, Recto … and Diamond. Here are some inspirations: Samples of the brand identity works we provide to MobiHome: